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B3i appoints POLYMOOR HIGH-TECH DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD as the super node of Asia

B3i appoints POLYMOOR HIGH-TECH DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD as the super node of Asia


B3i is pleased to announce that the Safe Decentered Canvasse(SDC) will be online,and it will be operated by the POLYMOOR HIGH-TECH DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD(PHDC),who is the major  investor in the B3i Services AG.

Through its fund PHDC AI&Blockchain Fund, PHDC has become the latest investor in B3i. The establishment of this new shareholder relationship reflects the ongoing support by the Asia market for B3i and reinforces its strategy to build a platform and protocol to address critical insurance market needs. The PHDC has, since its founding, focused on the establishment of an Internet-based financial ecosystem within securities, banking and insurance and actively drives growth through the aggressive use of new technology.

The PHDC AI&Blockchain Fund was launched in January 2019 and aims to support open innovation between investors and investee companies, increase the value of investee companies, and actively help investors implement and use new technologies. Through these activities, PHDC endeavours to help investee companies and investors enhance the services they provide and eventually contribute to the growth and development of new industries.

Miles, PHDC CEO said “B3i is a great showcase of the insurance industry using blockchain technology based upon R3’s Corda. Synergy can be expected between B3i and PHDC Group as well as PHDC’s other investee companies.And the ecologic of Safe Decentered Canvasse (SDC) will be bigger and bigger under our operations .”

Antony Elliott, Chairman of B3i commented “We are very pleased to see PHDC joining our growing community of shareholders. With its strong background in supporting Fintech start-ups, PHDC will bring a depth of experience to the company and offer opportunities for expanding global partnerships with associated businesses.”

“We look forward to deepening our relationship with the wider PHDC and the Asia-Pacific region market as we explore the application of B3i’s offerings in the Asia insurance sector and beyond”.


Achmea, Aegon, Ageas, Allianz, AXA, Deutsche Ruck, Generali, Hannover Re, Liberty Mutual, Mapfre Re, Munich Re, PHDC Group, SCOR, Swiss Re, Tokio Marine, VIG Re, and Zurich Insurance Group.

About B3i

B3i is a global initiative supported by 18 major insurance industry investors and a diverse community currently comprising over 40 companies. B3i was founded in October 2016 as an insurance industry consortium, which then formed B3i Services AG as an independent company. B3i is building a broadly-supported platform and protocol to address critical insurance industry needs through growing its network and developing partnerships with other company-led and industry-led initiatives throughout the world.



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